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Why do you need to implement OfficeCentral in your company?
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Integrated Modules

Integrated modules in enterprise management allows you to have centralized data and increase data accuracy. The integrated modules include Human Resources Management (HRMS), Payroll, India GST Compliants Accounting System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS). This will also save your time as no redundant data entries to be done.

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By using our cloud-based system, you are no longer tied to one PC. You can now access your company’s data and information with any devices, from wherever you are as long as you’re connected to the internet. This will help you make informed decision as your have all the data needed at your fingertips.

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Easy to Use

One of the most significant advantage of using OfficeCentral is the ease of use. Many of our users have told us that they liked our simplicity and ease of use when compared to our competitors. This will get you up and running using our system in a short time.

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Automatic Backup

By using OfficeCentral, you no longer have to worry about losing your PC/ laptop (and losing your data!) and you no longer have to do multiple backups as our service includes daily automatic backup to ensure your data is safe with us!

About OfficeCentral

What makes OfficeCentral unique?
Now you can be more successful in managing your business.

Thousands of users have benefited from using OfficeCentral. OfficeCentral is one of the leading cloud based solutions for SMEs. OfficeCentral is also the winner for NEF-Awani ICT Awards 2013 for the best solution for SMEs. OfficeCentral has been designed as a full-fledge yet simple enterprise management solution specially designed for SMEs.

OfficeCentral consists of Human Resources Management System, Payroll, GST-Compliant Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and Point of Sale. All of these modules are integrated and depends on each other, therefore, allowing higher data accuracy and reduced redundant data entries.

By using OfficeCentral, you can make your processes more streamlined, save time, increase productivity and increase employees' satisfaction. This will help you to increase your profitability and be more successful in running your business venture(s).

  • OfficeCentral users have reported they saved up to 95% of time getting employees' data when they need when compared to manual documentation filing.

  • OfficeCentral users have reported they saved up to 90% of time on payroll processing and reporting.

  • 90% of our users loved having automatically generated accounting reports anytime they need rather than have to wait for accounts closing.

  • All of our users loved the ability to access their company's information anytime, anywhere they need rather than being tied to a single computer or network. This increase their productivity and helps with crucial decision making process.


Get to know more about OfficeCentral modules that can help to improve productivity at your company.

Human Resources Management

You will find that this module makes your company’s operation much more smooth and efficient.

All your staff profile and data are in the HR module which includes Staff Profile, Leave Management, Claims Management and more.

Payroll Management

Many CEOs like this module because it saves a lot of time for the company. Some companies saveup to 95% of the time compared to when using manual systems.

Our Payroll solution automatically calculate your staff’s salary and generate salary slips and statutory forms as per required.

India GST-Compliant Accounting

Our Accounting module has been specially designed for SMEs and organizations who prefer simplicity over complex systems. OfficeCentral Accounting provides automatically generated reports include Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and more.

This module also provide dashboard to help you make informed financial decisions for your company.

Customer Relationship Management

Most entrepreneurs know that they need a CRM system to help them become more effective in their sales especially in managing their sales team.

By using OfficeCentral CRM, you can track your salespersons activities and also allow them to generate quotation and invoices through the system.

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